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Công ty Singapore - Bình Dương (CEI) Tuyển dụng kỹ sư Công Nghệ - Process Engineer

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  • Công ty Singapore - Bình Dương (CEI) Tuyển dụng kỹ sư Công Nghệ - Process Engineer

    Nhiệm vụ:
    1. Phối hợp với bộ phận Khách hàng/ Ban Giám đốc để đáp ứng các yêu cầu từ khách hàng của công ty.
    2. Phối hợp hàng ngày với phòng Sản Xuất về các công việc lắp ráp bo mạch
    Các ứng viên ham thích công việc này xin gửi mail về phòng Nhân sự :
    Cám ơn các bạn đã xem tin.
    Chúc vui.

    1 Work with Marketing/ Management about customer products requirements.
    2 Meeting with Production team to implement the PCBA.
    3 Make the lot traveler/ work instruction/ process flow chart to follow customer products requirements.
    4 Make the stencils/ fixtures/ tools/ jigs to relate to product assembly.
    5 Make the reflow/ wave/ BGA rework profile for product assembly.
    6 Define the production line/ machines for PCBA.
    7. Preparation program, adjustments or troubleshooting for all equipment / machinery within the division.
    8 Define the indirect materials were applied for PCBA.
    9 Improve the productivity by new process method for PCBA.
    10 Monitor timely completion of CAR of deficiencies found during manufacturing
    and verifying its effectiveness.
    11 Analysis, layout arrangement for production lines.
    12 Assist the Section Head/ Manager in verifying that the requirements of ISO implemented and maintained.
    13 Join training new employees.
    14 Any other jobs assigned by immediate supervisor.
    Recruitment requirements:
    1. Graduated University of Engineering (Electronic/ Telecommunication/ Electricity/ Automatic/ Mechanical), more than 1 years experiences in similar position for companies electronics assembly.
    2. Familiar with the use of Microsoft Office applications.
    3. Intermediate English level B or above.

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    hình như cty bạn sản xuất bo mạch cho máy bay thì phải?
    LÕI LỌC INVERTER PURE SINE 0169.339.3635.


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