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[HCM] Tuyển dụng Kỹ sư cơ điện tử công ty EyeQ Tech (Junior/Intern)

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  • [HCM] Tuyển dụng Kỹ sư cơ điện tử công ty EyeQ Tech (Junior/Intern)

    We are EyeQ Tech (, the most notable computer-vision startup in Vietnam (Startup Wheel 2017 Champion, Rice Bowl award winner for best e-commerce startup and VISA’S EVERYWHERE INITIATIVE 2018 – Champion). We are on the mission to inject intelligence into what doesn’t have it, from retail, advertising, banking to healthcare, robotics. Our clients include Vin group, The Coffee House and 1 bank (NDA-ed)

    What we do exactly? We are on the mission to inject intelligence into what doesn’t have it, from retail, advertising, banking to healthcare, robotics. We are the pioneer in Vietnam to bring applications of advanced Computer Vision – Recognition researches to solve real businesses’ problems; the first to build a full-scale product and deliver it to the customers.

     Electrical Engineering Technician at EyeQ deals with real-world problems. They must engage in practical situations in order to experiment and analyze the underlying model and requirements of customers.

     Their work will be a blend of our SUPERB AI SOLUTIONS and hardware/robotics solutions.

     Then, they cooperate with Computer Vision team to develop robust autonomous systems (i.e. mobile rover, robotics arm, etc.) to meet the requirements of customers with certain reliability and durability.

    - Design and test hardware for robot.
    - Layout and build prototype boards by yourself
    - Review hardware products outsourced from our partners
    - Cooperate with software team, design team and others to come up with final products.
    - Start to finish ownership of control boards and other electronics – from specification to design, prototype, and manufacturing.
    - Product level electrical design including component selection, branch circuit design and insulation coordination.

    - Experience with Altium or Orcad, LTspice, Matlab.
    - Experience in making the prototypes (soldering, bring-up the board, debug circuit, basic firmware for testing)
    - Willing to learn new technologies, to cope with the challenge task
    - Interesting in robots
    - Strong teamwork orientation, initiative, communication, problem-solving, manage multiple project tasks
    - Debugging skills (JTAG, emulators, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, protocol analyzers) Preferred Skills:
    - Experience with Linux board development.
    - Experience developing embedded software in C/C++

    - Salary: Up to $1000 / month (base on experiences).
    - Chance to work with former hardware head of, a Silicon Valley startup.
    - Opportunities to work with large-scale products with a diverse range of customers from all industries: advertising, hospitality, restaurant & hotel, F&B – coffee shop chains, autopilot vehicles…
    - Opportunities to develop yourself through challenges and work closely with 2 Ph.D. in Computer Science from New South Wales University, Australia.
    - Opportunities to work at EyeQ’s office at the United States and get U.S Greencard for residents, once we enter U.S market.
    - Flexible, no one checks over your shoulder, as long as you get the job done.

    Why would you to work at EyeQ?
    • Building the future by creating innovative projects/products.
    • A well-funded company could buy all types of equipment needed for R&D purposes.
    • Professional training and development from Ph.Ds and Seniors in the industry.
    • Key contributors get % stock and equity.

    How to apply For more information and application, please contact us via with subject [EyeQ] Electrical Engineering Technician – Your Name

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