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Ðề tài: Công ty SGT tuyển dụng

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    Công ty SGT tuyển dụng

    Hiện nay công ty mình đang tuyển dụng, nên muốn đăng thông tin này tới các bạn có nhiều cơ hội làm việc hơn.

    Giới thiệu công ty: SmartGrid Corporation thành lập được cách đây hơn 1 năm, tập hợp các kĩ sư giỏi, chuyên về một số mảng như tại website

    Đây là một số vị trí cần các bạn ứng tuyển (chú ý, đọc kĩ requirement hãy nộp đơn nha)

    1. Senior C++ Engineer

    Job code: HMI001
    Location: Hanoi
    Job description:

    • Design, write, debug and refine existing applications, tools.
    • Provides technical insight regarding application design and feature set.
    • Participate in development tasks assigned from Project leader.
    • Work in collaboration with other programmers and quality assurance department to ensure developed features are correctly integrated into overall system.

    Required Skills

    • Demonstrated proficiency in and knowledge of C/C++, data structures, performance, and multi-threaded programming techniques.
    • Excellent MFC programming is required.
    • Excellent knowledge in Windows-based programming techniques: OLE/ActiveX, COM/DCOM, Win32 API.
    • Proficiency in Boost is an advantage.
    • Experience of SQL database (SQLite, SQL Server, MySQL, …) is also an advantage.
    • Thorough knowledge of software design practices including modular architecture, event-driven architecture, and software design patterns.
    • Ability to quickly understand and work with internal and external developed code.
    • Good logic thinking and problem solving.
    • Devoted to works and result-oriented attitude.


    • Bonus monthly/annually based on performance
    • Very attractive compensation
    • Work in a dynamic and fast growing company

    Job Requirement
    Years of experience:
    2 year(s)
    Minimum career level:
    Experienced (Non-Manager)
    Minimum education level:

    Job Skills
    Required skills:
    - English
    - Programming Languages – C++ Language
    Advanced- 2 years of use

    Salary: Attractive Salary
    2. Software Quality Assurance

    1. Job Description

    * Involve in testing activities and test scripts for functional, regression, and performance test procedures.
    * Design and write product test cases suite with some supervision.
    * Document and track defects in the defect reporting system.
    * Analyze and document test results; file defect reports and enhancement requests.
    * Make suggestions on improving ease of use and quality of the software.
    * Work closely with the development team to identify and resolve defects; to improve and enhance system functionality, reliability, performance and scalability.
    * Interpret single-product test plans and test case suites with some supervision.

    2. Requirements

    * Quality oriented and high team work spirit
    * Excellent communication, negotiable and problem solving skills
    * Ability to work independently as QA
    * Ability to learn quickly
    * Devoted to works and Result-oriented Attitude
    * Knowledge of at least one of software development processes such as RUP, RAD, XP Programming …
    * Having experience working as a QA engineer in software company is a plus

    3. Benefits

    * Participate in a dynamic and professional working environment
    * Bonus monthly/annually based on performance
    * Competitive compensation
    * Salary: Negotiation

    4. Contact

    * Email:
    Thông tin chi tiết tại trang web công ty


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    cấu hình khủng vậy ,khó tải đây
    không hiểu bao nhiêu x * 1000$

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